About activprayer

An activprayer is any action dedicated to an intention greater than self.

What happens when you do one activprayer? You support a personal intention, transform your action, and inspire thousands of others to dedicate their actions to someone or something outside of themselves.

Even the most ordinary act can become a powerful expression of love or support for the people and things that matter most to you. An activprayer is a gift of inspired action, and it's a gift without limit. Your action lives on long after you've given it your all - inspiring, supporting, and transforming in ways you never imagined.

Every action matters.

The Story

In 2010, a few of us in Las Vegas started using workouts as opportunities to express our deepest hopes and desires. It changed our lives.

People everywhere showed us that activprayer can be applied to nearly any human activity: professional work, study, sports, and more. Ordinary activities and events were transformed into powerful expressions of solidarity and support.

Our hope is to provide people everywhere with an easy way to share their own inspired actions and join others to support the personal and community intentions that matter most to them.

What inspires you? What moves you?

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