To honor "The 19" firefighters who died in Yarnell, AZ

Complete a special workout designed to remember those who died.

1y ago

Members of the Activprayer HQ's, which is located in Phoenix, AZ felt a special call to remember these brave souls. In an effort to glorify these men, put themselves in the shoes of a firefighter, and honor their grieving families, the members of the Activ8 Lab dedicated a unique and grueling workout:

The workout consisted of a 5 mile hike up South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ. To emulate the burdened carried by the firefighters during their long days combating wildfires, each Activ8 member carried their own "pack," which consisted of various weighted objects, including steel plates, med balls, kettle bells, sandbags, ect. Its was over 100 degrees that day. Furthermore, they had one individual not carry anything, but rather, be a means of support to the others. Even so, this individual was inspired by the strength of the others and, thus, found a rock on the mountain, engraved the number "19" on it, and carried down the mountain as a keepsake.

"The 19" were selfless every time they put on their uniform as they protected the greater community. The power in giving oneself's effort, time, sweat, and life for someone or something other than yourself changes the world: the AP community wanted to say thank you to "the 19" for being an example of true love in the world.