To help Zoe raise money to renovate her hospital wing #itsnotaboutme

To break the Guinness Book of World Record "Most pull-ups in 24 hours"

1y ago

Paul Theodore is good at pull-ups. Therefore, he decided to use his gift to help honor Zoe's intention: "I'm going to attempt to break the Guiness Book of World Record’s for “Most Pull-ups in 24 hours” to raise money and awareness for Zoe's dream and Cystic Fibrosis. It's what we're calling an activprayer. I give myself, my thoughts, my energy, my prayers, all to Zoe while performing pull-ups all day," said Theodore. The World Record was 4,020 pull-ups in 24 hours, and Theodore spent months training for this event. One of his final training days included 240 pull-ups, with a 12lb vest, completed in one hour: all this for someone else.

On event day, spirits were high and hundreds were gathered in support of Theodore and Zoe. Theodore started out strong as he kept to is plan of six pull-ups per minute. However, at 800 pull-ups his hands began to blister causing him to forget about his nutrition, which led to muscle tightness… He found himself in a lot of pain, but he could not stop because this was not about him: it was about Zoe. Therefore, he kept on fighting to 1500 reps. At this point he took 30 minute break to regroup. Then started again: determined to keep going for Zoe. However, his muscles never recovered, and at 1700 he knew he would not break the record. Even so, he did not stop, but rather, he made a new goal: 2500 pull-ups.

With his mind on Zoe, he pushed through pain, muscle cramps, and hand blisters to complete 801 more pull-ups. At the end of the event, Theodore and Zoe had a total of 2501 total pull-ups completed, 15 hours dedicated, and $25,000 raised. All this for a brave young woman who had a dream of improving the lives of others.